InsideOut: Laboratory Ecologies

Jennifer Willet - InsideOut: Laboratory Ecologies (Open Corridor Festival, Windsor, Canada, 2009) Photo Credits: Mike Ngo and Julie Sando

InsideOut: Laboratory Ecologies
Open Corridor Festival
Jennifer Willet

InsideOut: Laboratory Ecologies is a course of research and creative production centering around the notion of a ‘laboratory ecology.’

This installation, in collaboration with the Bioart: Contemporary Art and the Life Sciences, was built on the side of the busiest commercial boarder crossing highway between Canada and The USA.  A portable laboratory was built in a tent trailer and housed class instruction in DNA extraction from kiwi fruit – as well as bacteria and yeast cultivation.

For more information on the Open Corridor project, please see the Green Corridor’s website.


SSHRC – Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada

The Canada Council for the Arts

Video Credit: Mike Ngo