Kate Hartman

The School of Visual Arts at the University of Windsor Presents

the  2010 / 2011 Visiting Artist Lecture Series:

“Social Prosthetics”
January 13 2011 at 7:00 pm
Rm 115 LeBel Building
University of Windsor

Kate Hartman is an artist, technologist, and educator whose work spans the fields of physical computing, wearable electronics, and conceptual art. She is the co-creator of Botanicalls, a system that lets thirsty plants place phone calls for human help, and the Lilypad XBee, a sewable radio transceiver that enables your clothing to communicate. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured by the New York Times, BBC, CBC, and NPR. Hartman recently moved to Toronto to join the Digital Futures Initiative at OCAD University where she is the Assistant Professor of Wearable & Mobile Technology and the director of the Social Body Lab.