#11 Bio-Art Mixer

Hosted through Syracuse University
Written by: Domenica Mediati
Edits by by: Ashley Hemmings

On December 11th, 2020, Syracuse University hosted the #11 Bio-Art Mixer. This event featured guests Dr. Jennifer Willet, Joseph D. Paulsen, and Richard Pell, who each spoke about their research and practice. As well, each presenter described the lab in which they conduct their artistic research, Dr. Willet’s INCUBATOR Art Lab at the University of Windsor, Dr. Paulsen’s Lab Group at Syracuse University in New York, and the Center for PostNatural History in Pennsylvania, curated by Rich Pell. These talks were followed by a discussion and Q&A session moderated by Edward Morris, co-director of Canary Lab at Syracuse University.


The Bio-Art Mixer hosts annual events that bring together professors, graduate students, and the general public to share innovative research and new science-inspired art works from leading bio-artists around the world. These events have been initiated by Boryana Rossa, Heidi Hehnly-Chang and supported by CUSE seminar grant and the Department of Transmedia at Syracuse University.


Link to The Bio-Art Mixer YouTube channel to watch the #11 Bioart Mixer! #11 Bioart Mixer!

To learn more about The Paulsen Lab Group at Syracuse University.
Paulsen Lab Group

To learn more about the Center for PostNatural History in Pennsylvania link to their website
Center for PostNatural History

To learn about The Bio-Art Mixer and upcoming events link to The Bio-Art Mixer Facebook Page


Image Credit:
1) The Bio- Art Mixer, The Bio- Art Mixer #11 poster at Syracuse University, 2020.
2) Screenshot of The Bio- Art Mixer #11 at Syracuse University, 2020.