INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio

We are excited to announce the launch of our second facility a storefront bioart studio and community engagement lab in downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The studio is a hybrid space including a fine arts studio workshop with BSL1 biology laboratory.

INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio

    Join INCUBATOR Art Lab and the University of Windsor for a Virtual Opening Event!
    When: September 15th 3PM EST
    Where: UWindsor’s YouTube page

    INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio is a professional art studio, community lab space, a cultural hub and visual landmark in the downtown core of Windsor. We will host a virtual launch party on Sept 15, 2021, followed by a live launch party in the coming months.

    INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio storefront is designed with an Art Nouveau decorative / biological marquee and dramatic lighting in visual dialogue with the Capital Theatre across the street. The interior spaces are painted a stark white, with high ceilings with innovative gallery/workspace lighting design.

    INCUBATOR Art studio will be used by the INCUBATOR team members for studio based research / creation. It will also serve as special events space for artist talks, and community or school group workshops. It will also serve as an exhibition space in the front room and window for student and faculty artworks.

    The space is divided into 2 zones.

    Zone 1, the front portion of the studio is a more public space functioning as an office reception area and gallery that is also outfitted to host BSLI community bioart workshops. This area will be whimsical and stylized, used for the display student and faculty artworks, and will contain a built-in BSL1 bioart lab housed in large built in a bespoke greenhouse structure permanently installed in the space. This kitchenette inspired lab will contain a small counter, sink, mini fridge, electrical access, and waste area behind locked doors. Large tables will serve as workstations for INCUBATOR lab team members, and double as work surfaces for workshops.

    Zone 2, the back section of the space, serves as a functional artist studio and storage area. This area will be left more open for building large objects, prototypes, and drawings. It will contain worktables, shelving, tools and supplies. We will ship and receive and process artworks in crates out the side loading doors of this area. This area will also contain an oversized bathroom and kitchenette for coffee and lunches, and a utility sink and eye wash station.

    This facility is unique nationally and internationally. INCUBATOR Art Studio will benefit the local community, but also be recognised nationally and internationally in the international art and science community.

INCUBATOR is grateful for support from the following organizations:

Rhythmic by Nature
Toronto Therapy Dogs
Idea Galleri / Idee Gallerie
Hostelling International
Banff National Park
CLIF Awards