AI & Bioart Made Easy

Hosted by Nate Talbot at INCUBATOR Art Lab

On May 13th, 2023, INCUBATOR Art Lab hosted an AI & Bioart Made Easy workshop led by Nate Talbot, a multidisciplinary artist and motion designer who explores the intersections of technology, spirituality, and cultural identity formation. During this workshop, participants learned more about Nate's practice as an artist and how to create text-to-image AI from living bioart sculptures using materials such as dragon fruit, flowers, and trinkets.

Throughout the workshop, conversations about AI, authorship, and our relationships with digital arts in a technological age arose. Nate explained that AI can be used as a tool in art to help us explore new creative possibilities. He encouraged participants to think outside the box by combining AI technology and art to create something unique with the assistance of prompts.


Participants created their bioart sculptures using the materials provided and even some of their trinkets. Once the sculptures were complete, they captured their works and uploaded them to an interface on Discord called Mid-journey. From there, prompts were written into Mid-journey to assist the AI in reimagining these sculptures in new and exciting ways.


Image Credit
AI & Bioart Made Easy with Nate Talbot at INCUBATOR Art lab. Photographer: Domenica Mediati, 2023.