INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio

    INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio is a professional art studio, community lab space, a cultural hub and visual landmark in the downtown core of Windsor. The studio is the home of INCUBATOR Art Lab research group lead by Dr. Jennifer Willet. Part of the University of Windsor's expansion into the downtown core, INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio is steps away from the School of Creative Arts, and part of the University Ave arts corridor including the Capitol Theatre, WIFF, Artcite, and Phog.

    INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio storefront activates the street with an Art Nouveau biological marquee sign designed by UWindsor alumni Brodie Macphail. The interior spaces are painted a stark white, with high ceilings with innovative gallery/workspace lighting design.

    INCUBATOR Art studio is used by Dr. Willet and the INCUBATOR team members for studio-based research / creation. It is also a special events space for artist talks, and community or school group bioart workshops. It will also serve as an exhibition space in the front room and window for student and faculty artworks.

The space is divided into 2 zones.

    Zone 1, the front portion of the studio is a more public space functioning as an office reception area and gallery that is also outfitted to host BSLI community bioart workshops. This area is whimsical and stylized, used for the display student and faculty artworks, and contains a built-in BSL1 bioart lab housed in large greenhouse structure. Large tables serve as workstations for INCUBATOR lab team members, and double as work surfaces for workshops.

    Zone 2, the back section of the space, serves as a functional artist studio and storage area. This area is more open for building large objects, prototypes, and drawings. It contains worktables, shelving, tools and supplies. We ship and receive and process artworks in crates out the side loading doors of this area. This area also includes bathrooms and kitchenette for coffee and lunches, and a utility sink and eye wash station.

    Special thanks for the University of Windsor for supporting this innovative research and community engagement space!

    Storefront design bye Brodie Macphail:

Virtual Launch

    INCUBATOR Art Lab virtually launched the space, premiering on Sept 15th, 2021, in collaboration with the University of Windsor. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to our team members, community partners, special guests and the Office of Public Affairs and Communication at University of Windsor!

INCUBATOR is grateful for support from the following organizations: