AI & Bioart Made Easy

Want to create text-to-image AI?
Join N8 and INCUBATOR Art Lab for a workshop at the intersection of bioart and AI technology on May 13th from 11 am-12:30 pm at the INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio located at 144 University Ave W.

Make living bioart sculptures and learn how to create text-to-image AI. Participants need a smartphone with wifi access.


This class is for ages 16+.
Please note the studio does not recommend food or drink because of lab health and safety precautions.


Meet the Instructor


Nate Talbot

Nate Talbot is a graduate researcher at the INCUBATOR Art Lab. He is also a multidisciplinary artist and motion designer whose work explores the intersections of technology, spirituality, and cultural identity formation. With a MFA in bioart, and a degree in philosophy, N8 takes a unique perspective that challenges traditional notions of portraiture and explores human-non-human symbioses. N8 is an expert in a variety of mediums, including 3D scanning, 3D modelling, VR sculpting, motion design, digital holography, and also AI art. With over 600 pieces sold in still frame, animated, and holographic formats, N8 is also a successful freelance crypto artist. N8’s work has been featured in a number of exhibitions and workshops, including “Machine Learning Meets Bioart" for WETech Alliance & INCUBATOR Art Lab, and "Accelerate Art x Scope" at Art Basel Miami. He has also participated in online group exhibitions such as "Impossible Worlds" at the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art and "Fashion for Bank Robbers" in Munich, Germany. In 2022, he presented his MFA thesis solo show "Firmaments" at the School of Creative Arts gallery at the University of Windsor

Image Credit

Sprout, AI generated image by Nate Talbot, 2023.