Algae Spiral

The Algae Spiral is the first iteration of a new series of installations 'drawing' with tubes of live algae on the gallery wall. In this instance spirulina algae, a nutritional supplement. More generally, the algae spiral becomes a jumping off point to consider algae’s roles as a superfood, as the largest producer of oxygen in our atmosphere, as a possible source of biofuel, and as an invasive species infesting waters in The Great Lakes. The design of the Algae Spiral is intended to evoke motifs from the technical and hard sciences as well as the decorative arts. But most importantly, this apparatus is designed to meet the needs of the algae for full spectrum light, agitation, and nutrient solution.

Construction and Design Assistance: Billie McLaughlin.

Sponsors: SSHRC - Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
The Canada Research Chairs Program

Project Assistants: Philip Habashy, Michael Lucenkiw, Billie Mclaughlin.

Image Credits:
1) Jennifer Willet, Algae Spiral, 2019. Image Credit: Nadja Pelkey.
2) Jennifer Willet, Algae Spiral II, 2020. Image Credit: Scott Lee.