Ectopia Lab Opening: Part 1 of the Sister Labs FEMeeting Virtual Opening Series

Hosted by Marta de Menezes
Curated by Cultivamos Cultura in partnership with the European Biofriction network members (Hangar, Kapelica and Solu/Bas).

On June 16th, 2021, Marta de Menezes opened a new art laboratory in Lisbon, Portugal called Ectopia. In celebration, FEMeeting hosted a virtual watch party to view the gallery space and the exhibition BIOFRICTION. The event was streamed on Facebook Live and presented by Adam Zaretsky. FEMeeting members Kathy High and Jennifer Willet hosted a simultaneous Sister Labs virtual watch party with the FEMeeting community via zoom.


During the Ectopia Lab Opening participants were able to view this new cultural space and the bioart exhibition within it. BIOFRICTION brings together a diverse group of artist and researchers who are all interested in exploring the intersection of art and science. These artists include Joel Ong (Canada), Simona Deaconescu (Romenia), Vanessa Goodman (Canada), Mayra Gomez (México), Adriana Knouf (United States of America), Laura Beloff (Finland), Kira O’Reilly (Ireland), Christina Gruber (Austria), Vanesa Lorenzo (Switzerland), Kinlab (Italy), and the four Braiding Friction work groups.

To watch the virtual opening of Ectopia and the exhibition Biofriction link to: Ectopia and Biofriction Virtual Opening

To learn more about Ectopia Lab link to: /


The Ectopia Lab opening event was the first of three events within the SISTER LABS Virtual Opening Watch Party Series, hosted by FEMeeting.

FEMeeting is a group of women-identified scientists, artists, and researchers, brought together by their desire to develop and promote more direct collaboration between individuals who identify themselves as Women, independently of their sex. FEMeeting’s main purpose is to disseminate projects that are being carried out by women in order to contribute (a) to the development of research methodologies in art and science and (b) to the development of collaboration strategies that can increase knowledge sharing and bring communities together.
For information on the SISTER LABS Virtual Opening Watch Party Series see the FEMeeting website here: FEMeeting Sister Labs


Image Credit:
1) Marta de Menezes, FEMeeing Sister Labs poster, Cultivamos Cultura & Ectopia Lab, 2021.
2) FEMeeing Sister Labs poster, Cultivamos Cultura & Ectopia Lab, 2021.
2) Screenshot of the Ectopia Lab Virtual opening with Marta de Menezes and Adam Zaretsky, Cultivamos Cultura & Ectopia Lab, 2021.
3) The BIOFRICTION exhibition at Ectopia Lab with Installation by Adriana Knouf. Cultivamos Cultura Facebook image, 2021.
5-6) FEMeeing Sister Labs poster, Cultivamos Cultura & Ectopia Lab, 2021.