Epoxy vs Fast Fashion

March 9th 2022 at 6 PM EST
Live Stream Event – INCUBATOR Art Lab YouTube channel

Join us for a live stream event with INCUBATOR Art Lab Alumni Artist in Residence Cole Fortier aka Epoxy! Watch Epoxy learn about science and sustainable fashion with Dr. Jennifer Willet @jenniferwilletbioart and the INCUBATOR Art Lab team.

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The live-stream video will be made available March 3rd on the YouTube page!



Cole Fortier (aka Epoxy)

Over the month of November 2021, Cole Fortier (aka Epoxy) worked with Incubator Art Lab over focusing on sustainable fashion and drag as themes. Cole is hyper focused on the idea that ‘fast-fashion’ is a major detriment to the global fashion landscape, and has been actively working against it by selling sustainable fashion in stores and online since 2015. Fast-fashion relies on immoral labour, mass consumerism and anti-environmental methods, in order to feed the global need. In addition, drag is often a very consumer-heavy art medium, relying on sweat shop made, one-time use costumes. Cole would like to explore the concept of ‘slow-fashion’ as an art medium, through the eyes of his drag persona ‘Epoxy’.

Image Credits
1) Cole Fortier as Epoxy, Self Portrait, 2021. Image Credit: Cole Fortier