Fabricating with Bioplastics at INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio

Want to make bioplastics?
Join us for a free public workshop with team member Lyndsay Mckay on April 8th from 10:30 am-12:30 pm at the INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio located at 144 University Ave W.

In this workshop, we will explore fabricating with bioplastics, a sustainable biomaterial made of food-grade ingredients!


This class is for ages 16+.
Please note the studio does not recommend food or drink because of lab health and safety precautions.


Meet the Instructor


Lyndsay McKay

Lyndsay McKay is a bio-artist living in Victoria, British Columbia. Informed by a career in nursing, Lyndsay’s work continues to investigate the intimacies and liminalities within the space between public and private. In doing so, the artist seeks to understand more deeply, how differently our histories and experiences position our bodies in relation to the spaces we inhabit. More specifically, she is interested in the interconnection of intimacy and care with the incursions and violence of daily life. Though journaling, photography, and sculptural process, Lyndsay takes an empathic approach to caring for spaces she visits. Beginning with observing sensorially: the action itself becomes a reminder of contamination, of decay and forgetting, of afterimage and misunderstanding. With this knowledge, the artist sets out to become more familiar with existences that have been swept to the edges; ones that have settled into cracks or sit unprovoked. As the artist states, “these circumstances become like sidewalk fissures and hydro poles. Walking past them requires little effort from me, but still, they lead me toward the margins of my own awareness. Rhythmic and reliable - they became a part of a broader rulebook that quietly governs how I come to know: they are important if I think about them, but not if I don’t.”