Farm and Freshwater Ecology Research Network

Virtual Annual Symposium
Hosted through Healthy Headwaters Lab
Written by: Kadila Adili

On November 24th, INCUBATOR Art Lab team members Ashley Hemmings and Kadila Adili attended a symposium titled Farm and Freshwater Ecology Research Network, presented by Dr. Catherine Febria and Jess Ives from the Healthy Headwaters Lab. Many researchers presented their work on agriculture and the environment. Our team members learned about carbon testing in soil, harmful algal blooms, and the importance of plant microbe relationships.


One topic that caught Kadila's attention was Dr. Mike McKay’s presentation on the Aphanizomenon flos-aquae algal blooms and the phosphorus superhighway.


Healthy Headwaters Lab is a freshwater and restoration ecology research team at the Great Lakes Institute of Environmental Research, University of Windsor. To learn more about Dr. Febria, Healthy Headwaters Lab, and GLIER visit

Image Credit:
1-2) Kadila Adili, Screenshot of the Farm and Freshwater Ecology Research Network symposium, Health Headwaters Lab, 2020.