FEMeeting Workshop: OpenStreetMap 101: Unleashing the Power of Community Mapping

When: June 26th from 4:30pm -6:30pm
Where: Meet Lauren Hedges in the main lobby of The School of Creative Arts Armouries at 4:15pm, then walk over to Windsor Hackforge Community Centre, located at 300 Ouellette Ave suite 210, Windsor, ON.
Limit: 12 participants

Do you ever wonder where online map data comes from?
Join Lauren Hedges, Managing Director of Windsor Hackforge, for a FEMeeting workshop on June 26th from 4:30pm -6:30pm at Windsor Hackforge Community Centre, located at 300 Ouellette Ave suite 210, Windsor, ON.

If you've ever used apps or services such as Strava, Pokemon Go!, Snapchat, or Garmin, you might have noticed that they don't always agree with Google Maps. Why is that, and where do these other apps get their geodata?
Enter OpenStreetMap (or OSM), "the wikipedia of maps." Featuring free-to-use crowdsourced data, this project offers information natural and man-made geographic features, and is used to build countless other applications that are accessed by thousands of people every day. In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to history and logic of OSM, and will learn the basics of desktop contribution. Regardless of where you're from, during this session you'll have the chance to verify and update map data relating to your own community.
Attendees are encouraged to bring their own laptops. Wifi is available.

This workshop is open to FEMeeting participants only.
No food or drink in studio.



Meet the Instructor


Lauren Hedges

Lauren Hedges lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, where she works as a project manager, business analyst, and technology consultant at Parallel 42 Systems. She is also the Managing Director of Windsor Hackforge, a grassroots, tech-focused non-profit. Outside of work, Lauren creates live action and animated music videos, and runs an Instagram account dedicated to the dogs who attend the local farmers' market. https://@dogsofdwfm


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Lauren Hedges, 2024.