Fusion : Talks 2021 Arts and Science Conference Program with Dr. Jennifer Willet

Hosted through Fusion:Talks
Panel discussion with Dr. Jennifer Willet
Written by Inès Mastellotto - Lesny

Fusion Talks is organized by Qolony. – the Colony for Art and Science — a non-profit organization based in Bucharest, Romania that seeks to bring together professionals and practioners blurring the boundaries between art, science, and technology. It is a platform that supports and highlights the collaborative nature between art and science, fostering transmedia practices (that is, superseding the traditional artistic medium) and emphasizing innovations in these sometimes-disparate fields. Their Fusion Talks brought together 18 speakers from 9 different countries to share the collaborative possibilities amidst the multi-layered environment of art and science.
On October 12th, Dr Jennifer Willet was a guest speaker for Qolony.’s Fusion Talks 2021. There, she presented on the second panel of the conference, titled Who makes art and science? where she discussed her interdisciplinary BioArt practice. The conversation continued with talks by conceptual artist Frederik De Wilde, multimedia artist Sabina Suru, artist and designer Nicole Spit, and visual artist and researcher Maria Castellanos.


Dr Willet presented her two-decade long experience in the realm of BioArt, showcasing the spaces and works involved in her practice. She noted the emphasis of regionality — that of Windsor and its ‘makerly’ influences as well as the proximity to the Great Lakes — in both her research and creative output. She spoke of the primacy of collaboration, of mutual respect and commitment, both between humans and non-humans for a fruitful interspecies cohabitation and future. Her presentation concluded with a discussion on the agency of algae (and other organisms) and the game to making them happy and healthy, all the while finding a balance with her artistic and scientific needs.

Link to her full panel presentation!
Fusion:Talks 2021, panel 2, 12 October 2021

If you want to learn more about Qolony link here

Image Credit
1) Fusion Talks with Jennifer Willet banner image 2021. Photo Credit: Fusion Talks, Edits: Dmediati, 2021.
2-3 : screenshots retrieved from the Who makes art and science? panel, 2021.