INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio - Virtual Opening Event

Hosted by Dr. Jennifer Willet
Director, INCUBATOR Art Lab
September 15th 2021

INCUBATOR Art Lab studio is a storefront bioart studio and community engagement lab in downtown Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The studio is a hybrid space including a fine arts studio workshop with BSL1 biology laboratory. Designed with an Art Nouveau decorative / biological marquee and dramatic lighting in visual dialogue with the Capital Theatre across the street, the studio will be used by the INCUBATOR team members for studio-based research / creation. It will also serve as special events space for artist talks, and community or school group workshops. It will also serve as an exhibition space in the front room and window for student and faculty artworks.


On September 15th, 2021, Dr. Jennifer Willet hosted a Virtual Opening Event on YouTube featuring INCUBATOR Art Lab team members, neighbors, bioart community friends, fellow laboratories, and even some special guests! The INCUBATOR Art Lab Virtual Opening Event is the third and last of the Sister Labs Virtual Opening of the FEMeeting Watch Party Series.

INCUBATOR Art Lab would like to thank the team members, community members, special guests and neighbors for their contributions and support!

Project Manager
Jude Abu Zaineh

Show Runner
Kristina Bradt

Angela Awada
Kadila Adili
Jude Abu Zaineh
Billie McLaughlin
Domenica Mediati
Hadia Nadeem
Nate Talbot
Jennifer Willet

Special Guests
Jann Arden
IOTA Institute - Mireille Bourgeois
Dr. Emilio Miguel Bruna
Craft Heads Brewing Company
Tony Coates
Jeff Corwin
Windsor International Film Festival – Hayden Freker
Windsor Symphony Orchestra – Robert Franz
Dr. Vincent Georgie
Ashley Hemmings
Dr. Bruce Kotowich
Healthy Headwaters Lab
Phog Lounge – Tom Lucier
Windsor Symphony Orchestra – Andrew McIntosh
Epoxy Moron
Dr. Nicholas Papador
Dr. Andrew Pelling
IOTA Institute - Amanda Shore
Aleeza Tariq
Artcite inc. – Teajai Travis

Public Relations
Anna Velasco

Thyme Kitchen
The California Sushi

Balloon Props Balloon Lady Lou

This Project was supported by
Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Canada Research Chair Program
School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor
Office of Public Affairs and Communications, University of Windsor


Image Credit
1) Jennifer Willet, INCUBATOR Art Lab Virtual Opening Event at University of Windsor, still from video. Credit: Office of Public Affairs and Communications, University of Windsor.
2) INCUBATOR Art Lab Studio storefront, 2021. Image Credit: Jennifer Willet.

Video Credit
1) Office of Public Affairs and Communications, University of Windsor, INCUBATOR Art Lab Virtual Opening Event