IOTA Institute Bio Art Hangout’s BioArt Kitchen series with Jens Hauser

INCUBATOR Art Lab is excited to co-present IOTA Institute’s second Bio Art Kitchen Hangout “White Cube, Black Box, Greenhouse,” featuring curator and scholar Jens Hauser. This event will take place November 3rd, at 11am EDT (other time zones listed below). This event will be a 60-minute Zoom hangout, focused on sharing knowledge and engaging with bio art enthusiasts from the safety of their own homes.

In preparation for this event, please consider these tasks beforehand:
1. Join us using a virtual background that reflects what greenness means to you. Download a sample greenscreen on IOTA's social media or provided during the Bio Art Hangout.
2. When you join us, be prepared for our 'show and tell' portion. Do you have a bio art object or piece of art you want to show and tell the group about during the virtual tour? Bring it and your questions too!

Event time: Halifax (ADT / GMT-3): Tues Oct 27th, 12:00pm Paris (CEST / GMT+2): Tues Oct 27th, 17:00pm New York (EDT / GMT -4): Tues Oct 27th, 11:00am Los Angeles (PDT/ GMT-7): Tues Oct 27th, 8:00am

For more information and registration check out the Facebook event @IOTAinstitue:

About the curator:

Jens Hauser is a Paris and Copenhagen based art curator and writer. As a media studies scholar he is focusing on the interactions between art and technology. Beside his role as a distinguished affiliated faculty member of the Department of Art, Art History and Design at Michigan State University, he holds a dual research position at both the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies and at the Medical Museion/Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. His curated exhibitions include L’Art Biotech (Nantes, 2003), Still, Living (Perth, 2007), sk-interfaces (Liverpool, 2008/Luxembourg, 2009), the Article Biennale (Stavanger, 2008), Transbiotics (Riga 2010), Fingerprints… (Berlin, 2011/Munich/2012), synth-ethic (Vienna, 2011), and assemble | standard | minimal (Berlin, 2015). Hauser is also a founding collaborator of the European culture channel ARTE and has produced numerous reportages and radio features.

Image Credit:
1) Gilberto Esparza, PlantasAutofotosintéticas, installation view from the OU\ /ERT exhibition, Emmetrop/Transpalette, Bourges, 2019. Photo credit: Axel Heise