Painting with Algae Public Wokshop

Hosted at INCUBATOR Art Lab
Written by Domenica Mediati

On Feb 18th, 2023, INCUBATOR Art Lab hosted its first free public workshop- Painting with Algae! INCUBATOR Art Lab Coordinator Domenica Mediati led the event with assistance from Research and Studio Assistant Cri Kosti and Bioart Lab Technician Abigail Morris. At the beginning of the workshop, Dr. Jennifer Willet made a surprise visit with her daughter to welcome the attendees to her UWindsor bioart research and studio space!


During the workshop, participants shared their backgrounds, from the health sciences to the arts and culture sector, and they all expressed their interest in bioart and trying something new. Before painting, Domenica presented topics on algae as an essential organism in our local ecology and an organism used in Dr. Jennifer Willet's artwork. She explained Willet's methodologies of working with green algae as a medium to invoke conversations on the organism's many roles as a superfood, as the largest producer of oxygen in our atmosphere, as a possible source of biofuel, and as an invasive species infesting waters in The Great Lakes.

Attendees were invited to paint with algae, much like Willet paints and draws with algae in her work. Conversations of reciprocity and gratitude arose when painting these petri dish canvases. Guests were offered INCUBATOR Art Lab Painting with Alage booklets that included algae fun facts, Willet's algae artwork and the opportunity to reimagine what algae look like under a microscope. Of course, part of the workshop was looking under a microscope to see the little spirulina algae friends they painted with and the green algae that lives in the lab.


Image Credit
Painting with Algae at INCUBATOR Art lab. Photographer: Cri Kosti, 2023.