Welcome to our new team member, Aashni Maharjan

Aashni Maharjan has joined the INCUBATOR Art Lab team as a Research Assistant and Lab Monitor.

Aashni Maharjan is an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a second-year Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences(Health Stream) student at the University of Windsor. During her time in Nepal, Aashni led a student-led organization, PLUM (Please Learn and Understand Menstruation), that helped teach and normalize menstruation to children in rural areas in Nepal as well as help them better access menstrual products by distributing reusable cloth pads. In her downtime, Aashni enjoys reading, writing, and cooking/baking. As an INCUBATOR Art Lab Research Assistant and Lab Monitor, Aashni brings her knowledge in Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences to the team. She will be assisting with Dr. Jennifer Willet's art and science protocols and collaborating with other team members. She will also be responsible for monitoring and mentoring the Bioart students during lab hours.