Welcome to our new team member, Abigail Morris

Abigail Morris has joined the INCUBATOR Art Lab team as our Bioart Lab Technician

Abigail Morris is a Science Communicator. She earned her Master’s of Science Communication from Laurentian University and her BSc in Neuroscience and Mental Health with a minor in Psychology from Carleton University. She is passionate about art and science and believes that science communication is the perfect way to bridge these interests. Abbey strives to make scicomm a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive space for people to share their enthusiasm for science in creative and engaging ways. Outside of work, Abbey enjoys bouldering at the Windsor Rock Gym, thrift shopping, and drawing flowers.

You can connect with Abbey through her website:

Or on social media:
Instagram: @abs.mor
Twitter: @abbey___morris
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/abigail-morris-1b99a513a/