Welcome to our new team member, Behzad Bolandi

Behzad Bolandi has joined the INCUBATOR Art Lab team as a Bioprinting Research Assistant! .

Behzad is a true nature enthusiast, finding inspiration in nature. He firmly believes that our connection to nature shapes everything around us and is deeply passionate about preserving it. With a heart that beats for Engineering, Science, and Art, Behzad's journey in bio art is driven by his love for multidisciplinary exploration. Now he is doing his Ph.D. in Chemistry and Biochemistry department. One of Behzad's main focuses is designing, fabricating, and characterizing disease models using 3D bioprinting technology. By creating these models, he aims to increase the accuracy of drug discovery and screening while reducing the need for animal testing. Behzad approaches his work with both an engineering mindset and an artistic attitude, striving to merge functionality with aesthetic appeal.

His background in Tissue Engineering and Material Science fuels his curiosity, while his artistic soul adds a unique flavor to his creations. He sees his work not just as a profession but as a calling to contribute positively to society, animals, and the environment.

Beyond his workbench, Behzad is a social butterfly, thriving in the company of diverse individuals. He welcomes new challenges and opportunities with open arms, constantly seeking growth and connection in every interaction.

To learn more about Behzad follow on his socials!
Instagram: @ behzad.bolandii
Twitter: @Behz_Ad