Welcome to our new team member, Lyndsay McKay

Lyndsay McKay has joined the INCUBATOR Art Lab team as an MFA student Research Assistant.

Lyndsay currently lives in Victoria, British Columbia. Drawing from her experiences as a former nurse, Lyndsay's work explores ways of transforming materials into a gestalt of viscerality, evocative of anatomical activity, pathogenic invasion, and cellularity. Graduating in 2020 with a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Lyndsay’s academic interests began to merge the disciplines of art and science early in her path as a visual artist. Her work investigates biological embodiment through sculpture-based practices, highlighting concepts such as the connection between human and other-than-human species, bio-mapping, human-environmental relationships, ontology, epistemic expansion, and the structure of knowledge. Her recent works closely study organic materiality, which have opened doors to ever-evolving areas of navigation, from the relinquishment of control and sharing space, to the politics of symbolism and recognizing the powers of modern materials. With the ability to adapt to new modes and new contexts, Lyndsay grants herself the flexibility of becoming a steadfast observer, exploring the narrative within, and becoming a detailed storyteller. Her works are response-driven vehicles for communication and visually imaginative playgrounds. Better understood as a complex with no beginning or end, Lyndsay’s work appear as tangible ecosystems that weave in threads of Deleuzean thought; multilinearity and a philosophical outlook that forgoes boundaries in favour of tentacular outreach. With this pliable plane as the basis for her platform, Lyndsay dives progressively into ideologies that bring to life a newly imagined anatomical configuration – a space for perception and privilege, for boundless histories, for inclusion, and for bodies of thought.

In her time away from practicing art, Lyndsay is a mother to four and grandmother to one. You might find her balancing her roles of true maternal devotion and career-oriented individualism.

To learn more about Lyndsay follow her on instagram @540seconds www.lyndsaymckay.com/