Welcome to Domenica Mediati! INCUBATOR Art Lab's Alumni Artist in Residence 2023

Domenica Mediati

| BioArtist | Intermedia Artist

Domenica Mediati is an emerging Intermedia Artist and a Sessional Instructor in the Faculty of Education and School of Creative Arts at the University of Windsor. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Windsor and a Master of Fine Arts from Wayne State University. Domenica Mediati works across traditional painting and drawing, digital animation and bioart practices. Over the past four years, Domenica has been a lead team member at INCUBATOR Art Lab, a bioart laboratory and studio in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She serves as a creative and intellectual collaborator on INCUBATOR Art Lab community engagement events and leads educational outreach programming.



During the INCUBATOR Alumni Artist in Residence, Domenica will explore the beautiful and repulsive relationship between humans and nature through microscopic animations. Using specimens gathered from the local environment, including the woodlands, rivers, and bodies of water surrounding Windsor- Essex and Chatham-Kent, she will create a range of imaginary spaces that reflect her experience of human and non-human narratives. In addition, Domenica will develop a stop-motion microscopy workshop and gallery exhibition event in Fall of 2023 at the SoCA gallery.

Special Thanks to the University of Windsor Alumni Association for sponsoring this program. https://www.uwindsor.ca/alumni/

To learn more about Domenica links below!
Instagram @dombuka
Website: https://www.domenicamediati.com

Image Credits
1) Domenica Mediati, Biopic 2023.Image Credit: Justin Elliott.
2-3) Domenica Mediati, Biosphere 2018.