Fathomers Presents 1,000 Days

Thursday, June 2 2022
In-Person at JACCC
Written by Lyndsay McKay

Acknowledgments and Credits:

On June 2, Fathomers presented 1,000 Days; a gathering and conversation between Dr. Drew Endy and Dr. Jennifer Willet and moderated by Dr. Yewande Pearse. A traditional Kyudo ceremony was performed by Hirokazu Kosaka, in the beautiful gardens at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center in Los Angeles, California.

1,000 Days is inspired by Stanford synthetic biologist Dr. Drew Endy’s provocation that a world which includes fully synthetic living cells is already within 1,000 days’ reach. During the event, Dr. Endy and Dr. Willet joined in conversation about biological futures, intersections of synthetic biology and creative practice, and dynamics of collaboration. Dr. Jennifer Willet considered concepts of interdisciplinary in relation to the wide-reaching intersections of art and science, both in theory and in practice. The event was moderated by Dr. Yewande Pearse, a neuroscientist and science communicator, who guided the conversation in anticipation to Fathomer’s upcoming PST 2024 exhibition, Emergence: A Genealogy.

Learn more at www.fathomers.org/news/1000days

Tune into the ceremony and full conversation here: 1,000 Days Livestream


To follow project actions and updates on Emergence: A Genealogy, click here: www.fathomers.org/emergence

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1-2) Fathomers Presents 1,000 Days, 2022.