June 25, 2019

Biotechnology Love

Biotechnology is a Technology of Love… originates from my experience of human, interspecies and universal sensations of love working in laboratories, in gardens, kitchens, in my family, bioart and art communities, as well as hiking and camping in the outdoors.In this work, the letters L-O-V-E are cut out of leather and felt scraps and placed into petri dishes, and agar is poured over the letters. Of course, the letters are filled with microbes that bloom overnight in the incubator. The petri dishes are arraigned in a similar formulation to Robert Indiana’s LOVE (1967) and photographed.
June 18, 2019

An INCUBATOR in Sheep’s Clothing

An INCUBATOR in Sheep’s Clothing is a life-sized sculpture of a mountain sheep with a peek-a-boo door opening to a functional incubator in the stomach of the animal.  The sculpture is constructed primarily with wood, Styrofoam, and covered in sheep’s wool and leather – providing quite a natural appearance and smell. The enclosed incubator houses live yeast samples visible through the window in the incubator door. 
June 13, 2019

Refolding (Laboratory Architectures) Kira O’Reilly and Jennifer Willet

Using performative interventions and photographic media, artists Kira O’Reilly (Ireland/Finland) and Jennifer Willet (Canada) collaborate to create eventful photographic presences that explore how we think and reconceptualise The Body, our own bodies, life and living systems within the ever changing contexts of the Life Sciences, evolving biotechnologies and biomedical research.
June 10, 2019

Cell Break

Cell Break is a series of performances based on my experiences as an artist and non-specialist working in a variety of bioscience and biomedical laboratories.
June 9, 2019

Untitled (Lab Shoot Series) Kira O’Reilly and Jennifer Willet

Kira O’Reilly and Jennifer Willet have been in a creative dialogue since 2004 when they were both artists in residence at SymbioticA art and science research laboratory, University of Western Australia. Both are concerned with the body in its mutable form as extended and radically refigured thought biotechnical discourses.